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Pray Daily: January 2021

Pray Daily

Find out our Diocese’s January daily prayer points and join our community in intercession this month

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‘Pray Daily’ is a cycle of suggested daily prayer points for each month. The cycle covers parishes, schools and other entities across the Anglican Church Southern Queensland, as well as other Anglican Dioceses internationally.

Pray Daily can also be downloaded as a PDF  or as a Word doc for easy printing.

Throughout January

 Friday 1 January

 Saturday 2 January

 Sunday 3 January

 Monday 4 January

 Tuesday 5 January

 Wednesday 6 January

 Thursday 7 January

 Friday 8 January

 Saturday 9 January

Sunday 10 January

Monday 11 January

 Tuesday 12 January

 Wednesday 13 January

 Thursday 14 January

 Friday 15 January

 Saturday 16 January

Sunday 17 January

 Monday 18 January

 Tuesday 19 January

 Wednesday 20 January

 Thursday 21 January

 Friday 22 January

 Saturday 23 January

 Sunday 24 January

 Monday 25 January

 Tuesday 26 January

Wednesday 27 January

Thursday 28 January

 Friday 29 January

Saturday 30 January

Sunday 31 January


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