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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

“There’s a lot more going on here than in your everyday blockbuster, providing good fodder for homiletic examination. With a light and dark side and the area in between, the Force remains a potent concept for spiritual pondering,” says Jonathan Sargeant in this spoiler-free film review


My song is love unknown

Scott Malcolmson reviews this big, beautiful late Lenten season hymn, which was written during a lunch by a controversial priest: “From the beginning, we find that this is a love song—sung to the Saviour who demonstrated pure love, even to the “love-less” so that they might be “love-ly”

Films & TV

Where Hands Touch

Jonathan Sargeant gives a mixed review on this motion picture drama, which is currently showing in cinemas, and which depicts the romance between a young bi-racial Berlin adolescent girl and a member of the Hitler youth


Jesus was a Refugee

The Rev’d Michael Stalley reviews the children’s book Jesus was a Refugee, which draws upon the biblical narrative in Matthew’s Gospel to bring attention to Jesus’, and his family’s, experience of seeking refuge from the political threat of violence


The Tapestry: One woman’s Journey to Priesthood

Frances Thompson reviews an autobiographical account on one woman’s painful and long journey to priesthood in the Diocese of Wangaratta: “The tenacity of women like Libby paved the way for Australian women who have been ordained in the last 10 years, as well as those who are training as ordinands now”