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Dark Waters

“This David and Goliath story shows that justice and compassion are powerful companions and that even giant corporations can be brought to task when the truth is told,” says Jonathan Sargeant in his review of real-life legal drama Dark Waters

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I Still Believe

“Some films are made to challenge and others to comfort – this one knows what it is and feels like a nice, reassuring soft blanket on a cold rainy day,” says Jonathan Sargeant in his review of the Christian romantic drama, I Still Believe, inspired by the true story of singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp and Melissa Henning-Camp

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Beautifully Broken

Beautifully Broken celebrates the power of faith and forgiveness, and the potential for reconciliation and redemption,” says St Mark’s, Logan parishioner Bob Randle

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Against Our Oath

“Focusing on health care professionals is a smart angle to take; it appropriately and effectively removes the situation of people seeking asylum from the tangled and sticky web of politics,” says FormedFaith’s Jonathan Sargeant on award-winning director Heather Kirkpatrick’s latest documentary

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“If he wanted to annoy rather than inspire, then the Oscar is his,” says movie reviewer Jonathan Sargeant of Todd Phillips’ recently released Joker


The Gang of One

The Rev’d Canon Jim McPherson reviews a book of poetry written by the late Australian Anglican poet Robert Harris: “Throughout his career, he showed a remarkable power to ambush with words, images, ideas, and catchy titles”