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Assistant Priest, Parish of Toowoomba and Priest, St Anne’s, Highfields

The Rev'd Deborah Bird

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The Rev’d Deborah Bird serves as Assistant Priest at St James’ in the Parish of Toowoomba and Priest for St Anne’s Highfields. She holds degrees in music and education, and a Bachelor of Theology from St Francis College, with a particular interest in liturgy, arts and social justice.

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"The idea of peacemaking being about "the work of preparation" is what inspired me the most about the devotional book" (The Rev'd Deb Bird)

Softening the ground for peace to break through

“Simply getting together and holding space for each other in the course of our Advent devotional journey has been restorative, enabling us to reconcile and make peace within ourselves,” says The Rev’d Deb Bird on her ecumenical Advent prayer group