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Aboriginal dot painting

Reflections Western Region Clergy Muster: clergy participants engaged in an Aboriginal dot painting Reflections

Painting as a metaphor for ministry

“In your work of ministry do you think of yourself as a big brush filling in the background of a canvas or a finer brush attending to detail? Are you a much-used brush, with old paint stuck to it, or are you a shiny brush that has not been used much at all?” asks Bishop Cam Venables

"You are invited to join me at On Earth Festival on Saturday 16 October at St Francis College in Milton to learn more about First Nations art techniques, stories and cultures" (Lalania Tusa, Anglicare, August 2021)

Aboriginal art practices, stories and symbols

“Symbols in Aboriginal art are used as a means of communication for people, and for documenting histories, Country boundaries, ceremonies and food sources,” says Anglicare Cultural Support Worker and Kuku Yalanji artist Lalania Tusa, while inviting readers to join her in a dot painting workshop at a festival at St Francis College in October