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How you can help your anxious child return to school in Queensland this week: Anglicare

This week marks the beginning of the school term for many students after the holidays were extended by two weeks due to the Omicron variant. With thousands of students excited about catching up with their friends at school, there are many families who are anxious about mask wearing, vaccination rates and the sharing of stationery. Anglicare’s Family Wellbeing Coordinator Justine Penny offers some practical tips

Reflections 16-year-old Bishop Jeremy Greaves Reflections

Are you an altruistic perfectionist?

“As a teenager, I didn’t tell anyone I was seeing a psychiatrist – I was far too embarrassed. Now, of course, I know just how healthy and normal it is to seek help and I would encourage anyone who is struggling to search out someone with professional expertise to give you the assistance you need,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


Clergy are called to care for their people, but who cares when the carer needs care?

“There are both predictable and unexpected times when clergy will feel more depressed, anxious or stressed. A virus like COVID-19 and 2020’s associated stresses are completely new and unexpected, so the recent NCLS snapshot figures are not surprising,” say counsellor Marilyn Redlich and PMC Executive Director Stephen Harrison, who offer practical suggestions for addressing stress, anxiety and depression