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Clergy health and wellbeing

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How do you “frame” your weekly day off from ministry?

“A common emerging theme in these chats is that clergy feel that the demands on their time exceed the number of hours in a day, but that being disciplined about their weekly day off is essential to their wellbeing. What I’ve subsequently discovered is that clergy conceive their day off in different ways – in ways that are uniquely authentic and nourishing,” says Wellbeing and Development Officer Rebecca McLean from the Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission

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“In hindsight I wish that I had put consideration into the first professional supervisor I selected”

“As with most other practitioners and service providers that we engage, there will be times that that doctor, that electrician, that coach, that counsellor will not be the right fit. To give yourself the best shot at finding the right supervisor the first time, it may be helpful to consider the following questions,” says Wellbeing and Development Officer Rebecca McLean from the Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission

"Both my wife, The Rev’d Zoë Browne, and I now have our own professional supervisors. I’ve started paying for the sessions myself and each one is a priceless gift from God. Like with any sort of care, we’ve realised that paying for a prevention is better than seeking a cure" (The Rev'd David Browne, pictured with spouse The Rev’d Zoë Browne at ACSQ Synod in September 2021)

Professional supervision isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!

“Walking away from my first professional supervision session, I felt lighter, stronger and empowered to begin climbing out of the hole I was in. I was calmer at home, more settled in my vocation as a priest, and happier overall,” says The Rev’d David Browne from The Parish of Dalby


What is professional supervision and how does it differ to spiritual direction, mentoring and coaching?

“Like many priests, I am a resourceful person and am capable of a number of things; however, professional supervision keeps me accountable to my key calling as a priest. So, I have been seeing a professional supervisor monthly since the start of last year in order to be more discerning about my call and regarding what initiatives and activities I choose to engage in,” says The Rev’d Tania Eichler


From 'Lost Boy of Sudan' to Bishop to counselling undergrad

“During my month-long trip, people in the Kenyan refugee camp thought that as I was returning from the Western world that I had everything to solve their problems, but I could not overcome the massive difficulties my people now had. As a result, I felt a huge burden of guilt! I recognised that I needed some help,” says Bishop Daniel Abot