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Intergenerational faith formation

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Hey, can you please explain ‘TikTokers’ to me?

“Research shows that when a child is named, intentionally included and encouraged by five adults in a church congregation, they will start to feel at home in their parish community,” says St Francis College’s Fiona Hammond, while suggesting a number of helpful conversation kick-starter questions

"There is no problem with age-specific groups (of any age) leaving the gathered church during worship, as long as they reconnect promptly and share what they have learnt" (Jessica and Annabelle Bailey at the Parish of Kenmore-Brookfield service on Sunday 11 October 2020)

Raising up the leaders of today and tomorrow

“Giving young people practical experience in leading a range of ministries on Sundays and during the week has repeatedly been shown to encourage vocational identity, as ministry gifts are discovered and refined,” says AYCF’s and The Parish of Kenmore-Brookfield’s The Rev’d Jonathan Kemp

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Jesus was a Refugee

The Rev’d Michael Stalley reviews the children’s book Jesus was a Refugee, which draws upon the biblical narrative in Matthew’s Gospel to bring attention to Jesus’, and his family’s, experience of seeking refuge from the political threat of violence