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One of the ancient spiritual practices Year 11 CHAC students have enjoyed learning about is the use of prayer beads, including the history of how different faith traditions have used beads for meditation over the centuries

Anglican prayer beads: history and resources

CHAC’s Maria Thompson and Year 11 students Alice and Charlize tell us about the history of prayer beads and how they have embraced making unique Anglican prayer beads as they explore spirituality


Archbishop Phillip Aspinall calls us to pray for peace in Palestine and Israel

“Last week I received communications from the National Council of Churches in Australia circulating several statements from the World Council of Churches and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem. The statements call for prayers for peace in Palestine, Israel and the Holy City of Jerusalem, and I thus encourage our Diocesan community to join in these prayers,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall


NCCA President's reflection

“As the poets say, the world is made up of stories! For me, these are stories of moments and people of grace in daily life. Noticing and sharing such moments help us keep ‘droving into the light’, as believers in the good news which Jesus proclaims in today’s Gospel,” says Bishop Philip Huggins as he shares four inspirational stories with us

Books & Guides

Christians and Muslims can be Friends

“In writing this book, Father Dave seeks to offer information to correct misconceptions about Muslims based on his own experience and his theological and doctrinal perspective. He contends that through addressing the unwarranted negative perceptions of Muslims, the Church is well positioned to have a positive impact on attitudinal change that could influence local and international events,” says Dr Robin Ray from Anglican Overseas Aid