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Kingdom of Heaven

Reflections Image of Bishop John Roundhill outside the Cathedral Reflections

A glimpse of the kingdom

“What can we learn from a school gathering that authentically celebrates all its students — Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike? Might it be that if we truly recognise, reconcile and honour the past, it will unify us all?” asks Bishop John Roundhill

First-year formation student Mamuor Kunpeter outside the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, St Francis College, in November 2021
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with St Francis College formation student, father of six, former refugee, and disability support worker, Mamuor Kunpeter

Meet Mamuor Kunpeter and find out about his thoughts on ‘Being a kingdom people’, what Advent means to him, where he does his best thinking, what makes him nostalgic, and the most surprising thing that has happened to him recently


Advent is a season of expectation and preparation

Advent calendars may have been humbler in the 1800s than some produced now, but the idea remains a simple and powerful one – counting each of the days of Advent, waiting for the Christ child. I remember the excitement I felt as a child, opening the little windows that revealed pictures with Advent themes and the anticipation that grew,” says The Rev’d Sue Grimmett, while offering an Advent calendar resource and suggestions to readers