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Nurturing Relationships

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How to start a yarning circle

Learn more about how to facilitate a yarning circle, with Anglicare Cultural Capability Facilitator and Yiman woman, Olly Yasso: “I might have an opinion that someone else here might disagree with, that’s okay. You can say, ‘Look, I disagree with you Olly, this is my perspective on it.’ But what we try to do is look for commonalities, where we connect.”

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Being Together: Nurturing Relationships

“The 2021 Diocesan theme ‘Being Together: Nurturing Relationships’ is a powerful reminder that we do belong together and that our relationships matter. Earlier this year Anglicare, St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Indooroopilly and Thread Together became partners. Together these partners have created a mobile wardrobe-in-a-van that distributes brand new clothing, shoes and accessories to people in need in Brisbane. Every day Anglicare staff see what it’s like for the one in eight Queenslanders who live in poverty. Some are women who are couch surfing and sleeping rough and staying out of sight to survive. Others are young people with everything they own stuffed into a backpack…The Thread Together project supports those who are doing it tough, and it connects people and builds community and friendships. Relationships grow every day,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

Churchie students Rhys and Takamasa with their Religious Education ‘Nurturing Relationships’ unit title pages in February 2021

What 'Nurturing Relationships' means to me

In this special joint reflection, seven young Churchie students share about what the 2021 Diocesan theme ‘Being Together: Nurturing Relationships’ means to them in the context of their friendships and families: “Over the years, my younger brother…and I have developed a strong relationship. Sometimes we don’t get along, but because we have developed that strong bond, it is quite simple to resolve arguments”


Churchie explores this year’s Diocesan theme, ‘Nurturing Relationships’

“With Chaplain Steph’s help, Churchie students…have written in to share how they have been working together to explore ‘Nurturing Relationships’. Some of the many activities the boys said they have engaged in include circle time discussions, a class web and wall display, role plays about honesty and owning up to mistakes, games, an assembly presentation, and they’ve unpacked Bible verses to explore the power of our words and how our words affect others…Well done to Churchie students and staff for your inspiring work and thank you for letting me know what you’ve done. I’d love to hear from other schools and how you are exploring Nurturing Relationships. Please drop me an email or a letter to let me know,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall