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The Occupied Territories

"This stencilled mural was first painted in the Palestinian town of Bethlehem in 2003, shortly after the construction of the 708km West Bank Wall that annexes Palestinian land inside the Israeli-occupied West Bank...The image infers that it is right to protest injustice, but it challenges people to protest in a way that does not create new violence," (Bishop Cam Venables)

Whom, or what, do we worship?

“I recently had the privilege of visiting an art exhibition in Brisbane that is currently showcasing the work of British street artist and film director, Banksy…One of the things Banksy repeatedly challenges is the complex reality of consumerism that flourishes and perpetuates itself in our ongoing love of stuff,” says Bishop Cam Venables


Journeying and pilgrimage

The Rev’d Dr Ray Barraclough explores the Christian traditions of ‘journeying’ and ‘pilgrimage’, with a particular focus on the continuing trauma experienced by both Jews in Israel and Palestinians in ‘the Occupied Territories’