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Reflections Archbishop Jeremy Greaves outside St John's Anglican Cathedral, Brisbane Reflections

Being the Church in this next season of our life together

“While we shouldn’t hang onto things just for their own sake, there are things that anchor us to the past in important ways — there are things that hold stories connecting us deeply to our roots. My study is littered with such things — the chess set that belonged to my great-great-great-grandfather, the christening mug given to my father by his godfather, an ashtray from the pub where I worked in London as a 19-year-old,” says Archbishop Jeremy

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Flat-packed furniture and faith

“Members of the earliest Christian communities had to wrestle with their understanding of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and so do we. Modern Christians encounter challenges that would blow first century minds, and it is careful use of reason that allows us to interpret scripture and tradition in ways that continue to inform, encourage and communicate the Gospel to 21st century people,” says Fiona Hammond from St Francis College


Is there future in tradition?

Reflecting on his childhood, The Rev’d Stewart Perry asks ‘Is there future in tradition?’: “Each of us longs for traditional worship to be vitally embedded in our church, but sometimes wonder how a generation who have grown up without prayer and hymn books can be attracted and engaged to the type of worship we all love and value.”


Reflections on Canterbury

Bishop John Roundhill shares his insights and experiences of the ‘Baby Bishops Conference’, which he recently attended in the United Kingdom, and where “the Communion’s ancient liturgical traditions were fittingly juxtaposed with the high-tech work practices of the Bishops”