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September 2019 Album

Recent photos of our Diocesan community

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Anglicare's Client Service Centre Team starting the deeper conversation with their colleagues and friends on #RUOK? Day on 12 September. If you notice the changes, no matter how small...R U OK? Day provides four easy steps to help you to encourage your friend to ask for help:⁠ 1. Ask⁠ 2. Listen⁠ 3. Encourage action⁠ 4. Check in

St Margaret’s Girls School

On Tuesday 27 August, The Rev'd Susan Crothers-Robertson was commissioned as St Margaret’s Chaplain in a special service with the St Margaret’s community and Bishop Jeremy Greaves officiating. Pictured are St Margaret’s Principal Ms Ros Curtis, Sister Gillian, Bishop Jeremy Greaves, The Rev'd Susan Crothers-Robertson and Sister Eunice


'Grease was the word' at Anglicare's E.M. Tooth Residential Home on 20 September with students from Springfield Anglican College performing a medley of numbers from Grease for our elderly residents as part of Celebrating Peoples of All Ages Day. The day was a big hit, with performances and students getting to chat with the residents who really got into the swing of things. Year 8 student John Watts said, “I believe it is a nice experience coming to this pleasant retirement village and making the elderlies' day by having a nice conversation, it makes them feel less isolated and feel better. What I get out of this is a sense of helping and a feeling of service.”


Anglican priests The Rev'd Canon Bruce Boase and The Rev'd Bronwyn Pagram, and AYCF Director Jonathan Kemp at the Climate Justice Prayer Event hosted by Wesley Mission, our Doing Justice team, Queensland Churches Together and other Christian organisations on Friday 20 September at Wesley Mission in the Brisbane CBD.


Assistant Registrar Lisa Sargeant and GM Executive Assistant Yi-Ching Huang engaged in an activity during a Living The Change workshop at St John's Cathedral on Monday 9 September.


The Rev'd Dr Peter Catt cooking his famous vegetarian paella for Living The Change workshop participants on Monday 9 September during Season of Creation.


Bishop Cam Venables enjoying the parade on the Toowoomba Interfaith Working Group trike at the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers on 21 September. Bishop Cam is the Chair of the Toowoomba Interfaith Working Group.


The Somerset Pop Up Playgroup is a partnership made possible by passionate community organisations: Anglicare's Mental Health and Family Wellbeing team, Mercy Community, Somerset Regional Council Library and Service Centre, The First Five Years are Forever and Playgroup Queensland. The playgroup was nominated and won the non-government organisation award at the Child Protection Awards held at West Moreton mid this month. The playgroup services smaller towns in the southern Somerset region for families that don’t have access to playgroups. Currently the playgroup runs at Mt Tarampa, Atkinson Damn and Patrick Estate. (L-R): Lee Schiller from Mercy Community (Acting Coordinator Lowood Hib); Sue Plant from First Five Years Are Forever Program Somerset Libraries, Somerset Regional council (Library Assistant); Andrew McMahon from Playgroup Queensland (Manager Supported Programs); and Alecia Williamson, Anglicare Southern Queensland (Mental Health and Wellbeing Service Coordinator)


ACSQ Justice Enabler Peter Branjerdporn with flowers and a message of solidarity that he delivered to Holland Park Mosque following the vandalism of their mosque on Wednesday 11 September. Mosque leaders said, "Thank you very much. The flowers were received with much love."


Bishop Jeremy Greaves visited the Solomon Islands this month: "Wonderful to catch up with Fr David Galvin and Bishop Adrian at the Marist community house at Tanagi this morning. We had a cup of tea, biscuits and a bowl of ice cream and shared stories and memories. They have both been in the Solomons since 1966. I last met David 20 years ago during my first visit."


St Martin’s Residential Home staff kicked off Women’s Health Week with a special morning tea for residents on 2 September. Yoga, blood pressure and blood glucose testing, as well as fitness classes featured on the activities board over the week. Women’s Health Week ran from 2-6 September. The week is all about doing something for your health and making positive changes that can last a lifetime.


Bishop Cam Venables with The Rev'd Annette Woods who is from the Diocese of Northern Queensland and who was a speaker at the Western Region Clergy Muster on 25 September.


Coomera Anglican College’s Football Academy hosted soccer teams from Chengdu, China on Thursday 19 September 2019 as part of the Sister-Cities Youth Soccer Program that was established following the Sister City Agreement signed by the Mayors of the City of Gold Coast and Chengdu in May this year. The friendly soccer game was held on Thursday 19 September at Coomera Anglican College. The girls' team played at 12:45pm with the boys' team at 1:40pm. CAC boys won, with a draw between the girls.


A Fun Fest event was held at St Andrew’s Anglican Parish, Indooroopilly and Michael Berkman is having a go at mini golf, with The Rev'd Sue Grimmett cheering him on, along with Deborah Crossman and John Elfick.


Fraser Coast Anglican College is grateful for their relationships with Rotary Club of Hervey Bay City and the University of the Sunshine Coast that allow them to host Nepalese teachers for a term so that they can develop new skills to take back to their own schools. Thank you Dr Ratna Padual and Dr David Martin and everyone from Rotary that supports this program.


AMUA members from across the Toowoomba Deanery gathered at Warwick to celebrate the 112th birthday of the Warwick Mothers Union branch.


Bishop John Roundhill confirmed eight people at St Thomas', Toowong on 1 September 2019: "It was a lovely morning at their 8.30am service and then for their Inclusive Community Service at 10.30am. Oh and there was a Father's Day Sausage Sizzle to boot."


AMUA diocesan President Beverley Perry travelled to Dalby to present a 50-year badge and service award to Irene Garvin and a 30-year award to Glenda Holmes who have continued to support AMUA ministry as lone members following the closure of their local branch.


Archbishop Phillip Aspinall and Bishop Cam Venables with (centre) The Rev'd Glenn Loughrey from Melbourne at the Western Region Clergy Muster on 25 September. The Rev'd Glenn is an artist, amongst many other talents, and ran a workshop during the Clergy Muster.


60 Delegates who attended the Mission to Seafarers Australia Council Conference on 11 September, hosted by Mission to Seafarers Brisbane. Delegates came from 28 port-based centres around Australia and from the nine regions around the world, including London HQ, where Mission to Seafarers centres operate. Two key Delegates attending the Conference from the UK included the Mission to Seafarers Secretary General, Andrew Wright and the Dean of Durham, Andrew Tremlett, who is on the Board of Trustees for Mission to Seafarers. The Conference was held at the Brisbane Airport Conference Centre.


In the spirit of collaboration and sharing, The Head of Religious Education at St Hilda’s, Mrs Catherine Syms, invited a very dedicated religious educator from Cannon Hill Anglican College, Ms Gabby Venables, to spend time with her at St Hilda’s on Wednesday 11 September, as they discussed the development of the Studies of Religion curriculum. Both teachers were delighted to be able to spend almost an entire day together, planning challenging and exciting units of work and assessment tasks designed to inspire young minds. Teachers sharing across schools reflects the collegiality and professional learning commitment of the outstanding religious educators in Anglican schools. (L-R): Ms Gabby Venables, Secondary Teacher, CHAC; Mrs Catherine Syms, Head of Religious Education and Ethics, St Hilda’s; and, Mrs Caroline Brodar, Head of Senior School, St Hilda’s.


Bishop Jeremy Greaves handing out copies of The Eagle at the St John's Cathedral stall at Brisbane Pride Fair Day on 21 September 2019.


Bishop John Roundhill enjoyed a lovely morning at St Peter's Anglican Church, Gold Coast for a service of Confirmation on 8 September: "Just love the thumbs up in this #SundaySelfie!"


Dean Peter Catt, Catholic Archbishop Suva (Fiji) Peter Loy Chong, and Auxillary Bishop for the Catholic Archdioscese of Brisbane Ken Howell at the launch of Season of Creation, St John's Cathedral on 1 September.


In early September 2019, Fr Bill Pearson was presented with a certificate by Archbishop Phillip Aspinall acknowledging his 45 years of service as Chaplain to Mission to Seafarers. Fr Bill said, "Lorna kept the MTS open in Townsville every day to allow me to ship visit..I think I am only one of three Emeritus Seafarers chaplains in the world. I have recently been made an Hon. Ember of the Company of Masters, but l'm a bit unhappy about that as it doesn’t allow me to drive the big ships!"


The Rev'd Dr Graham Warren (L) with Islamic Council of Queensland spokesperson Ali Kadri and Imam Uzair Akbar at Holland Park Mosque on Friday 13 September. The Rev'd Dr Warren visited the mosque with ACSQ staff members who collected donations from Cathedral Precinct staff to help the mosque improve security. The Rev'd Dr Warren said:, "When one people of faith is attacked, then in a real way all people of faith are under attack. Violent tribalism has been the cause of much pain and misery throughout history. We are called to stand above tribalism to embrace all as equal children of the same Father."


Hannah and Thomas Greaves with another student striker, along with parents Bishop Jeremy and Josie, who came to support the students at the Friday 20 September Climate Strike.


Toowoomba Anglican School students Victor Steen, Charlotte Lacey and Eric Elston pitching their potato-plastic product for the Shark Tank presentation as part of TAS' Gateway Program.


Archbishop Phillip Aspinall and ACSQ General Manager Tim Reid at the blessing and opening of Anglicare's Amanda Flynn Play and Grow Centre at Toowong on 19 September.


A full house and wonderful conversation were enjoyed by Milton Anglicans on 5 September with Fr Rod Bower and The Rev'd Penny Jones exploring religious freedom, affirming communities, the challenges of refugee policy, and the urgent priority of Indigenous justice.


Stephen Clarke, much-loved and hard-working Business Manager for St Francis College, will retire at the end of January 2020. Stephen has worked at the College for the last 15 years and many in our Diocese will have cause to be grateful for his kindness, generosity and consideration when they have had College matters to attend to. He will be greatly missed. A farewell and thank you will be planned for early in 2020, details TBC.


St John's Cathedral participants at the in-QUIZ-itive trivia night at the Cathedral on Friday 13 September. Stay tuned for more trivia nights, as they are heaps of fun.


Bishop Cam Venables and The Rev'd Heather Dearden at The Rev'd Heather's Commissioning as Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Roma on 3 September.


Reconciliation Action Plan Coordinator Chrissy Ellis was farewelled by team members from the General Manager's Office and Parishes and Other Mission Agencies Commission, along with Fr Bruce Boase and Aunty Jean Phillips, on 4 September. We thank Chrissy for her dedication to her work and for the knowledge she shared with us.


Bishop John Roundhill celebrating Holy Cross Day at Holy Rood Church (Gold Coast North) on 15 September.


Bishop Jeremy Greaves presiding at the Eucharistic celebration, marking the 150th anniversary of the Parish of Gympie in early September.