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Homilies & Addresses Homilies & Addresses

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

“Violent, stormy waters that threaten to overwhelm and even to extinguish life is a recurring motif in the scriptures. From the darkness covering the face of the deep and the unformed chaos in the opening verses of Genesis, to Jesus asleep in the storm-tossed boat in the gospels, untamed, raging waters evoke potent fear in human beings,” says Archbishop Phillip Aspinall in his Week of Prayer for Christian Unity homily

Homilies & Addresses

Queensland Mental Health Week: service address

Anglicare and St John’s Cathedral co-hosted a special service today to mark Queensland Mental Health Week, with The Rev’d Dr Ann Solari giving the service address: “As people of God we are called to respond to need, to be loving to all, to be there, to be a friend to those who need a friend, to allow people to belong somewhere”

Homilies & Addresses

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall’s ‘Year of Generous Hospitality’ launch event homily

At the recent ‘Year of Generous Hospitality’ launch event, The Most Rev’d Dr Phillip Aspinall reflected upon hospitality traditions of the early church: “Being a true host and offering true hospitality meant a lot more than entertaining your friends – it actually meant turning strangers into honoured guests and treating ‘enemies’ as friends”