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Homilies & Addresses

Homilies & Addresses The Hon. Justice Debra Mullins Homilies & Addresses

Farewell to Archbishop Aspinall

“Your promotion in the Diocese of comprehensive Anglicanism is an important legacy for maintaining unity in the Anglican Church in this Diocese moving forward. Your chairing of the Diocesan Synod has been legendary. Your dry wit and good humour have lightened many a long Synod session,” said The Hon. Justice Debra Mullins AO on the occasion of the Archbishop’s farewell

The Most Rev'd Geoffrey Smith is Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia
Homilies & Addresses

A letter from the Primate to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall

“Not only have you held positions of responsibility, but you have exercised those positions with great dedication even when that dedication has been at your personal cost. You have led the church through times of significant challenge and your attention has constantly been on the mission of the church,” says a letter from the Primate to Archbishop Phillip Aspinall AC, which was read by Bishop Cam Venables on the occasion of the Archbishop’s farewell

Homilies & Addresses

On the occasion of Archbishop Phillip Aspinall’s farewell

“You remarked to me once that in a Roman Catholic vestry there’s a picture of the Pope; in an Orthodox vestry there’s a picture of the Patriarch; and, in an Anglican vestry there’s a full-length mirror. Amusing yes, but in your case not true. I like to think that in the vestries you have entered there has been not a full-length mirror, but an image of Jesus Christ instead,” said Archbishop Mark Coleridge

Homilies & Addresses

2022 Brisbane Peace Lecture

“Our Country, our land, is integral to who we are. Our culture is a gerontocracy, which means that our Elders, our old people, lead decision making in communities, and are the cultural authority in our communities. The fundamental normative principle is that decision needs to be driven by community. So we designed a process that would enable us to seek advice from communities via a structured, deliberative dialogue process,” says Professor Megan Davis

Homilies & Addresses

Anglican Indigenous Network: Lambeth Conference 2022

“God calls us to respect one another. This, in part at least, involves respecting people’s territories, traditions and protocols; seeking counsel and consent; and, caring for one another. Respect is also about being welcoming and inclusive. When respect is fostered, harmony presides. When respect is denied, harm is caused,” says Aunty Dr Rose Elu in her Lambeth Conference Anglican Indigenous Network address

Homilies & Addresses

TSS Yarning Circle launch

“By starting to make changes and unlocking new abilities, we can strengthen the TSS community and also bring everyone closer together, which is what Reconciliation is all about,” says The Southport School Indigenous Liaison Officer and Ngemba and Ualaroi man, Matthew Dalton