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Faith book reflections

Faith book reflections Fiona Hammond Faith book reflections

The book I have given away most and why: Fiona Hammond

“The character of Phoebe in Paul’s Letter to the Romans has always intrigued me. Paul wrote to the Church in Rome, trusting Phoebe with the delivery of that letter…So, she’s a landowner, runs a thriving business and is trusted by the Christian community far and wide. That is a life I wanted to read more about,” says Fiona Hammond from St Francis College

"The Bible is the inspired word of God, containing “all things necessary to salvation”. It is arguably the founding document of Western civilisation and it (empowered by the Holy Spirit), has radically changed the world we live in," (The Rev'd Charlie Lacey in September 2023)
Faith book reflections

The book I have given away the most and why: The Rev’d Charlie Lacey

“It is more than a ‘good book’, it is dynamite, and we should take every opportunity to get this powerful text into the hands of as many people as possible,” says The Rev’d Charlie Lacey, as he shares a hair-raising story about crossing a checkpoint in West Africa

Faith book reflections

The book I have given away the most and why: Vanessa Gamack

“The first time I thumbed through this book, I was captivated. Any educator who is passionate about teaching young children about Jesus will find this book a rich feast of fabulous information…In fact, every time I glance through the book I notice another detail in one of the illustrations that just makes me smile,” says Vanessa Gamack, Mission Education Advisor at the Anglican Schools Commission