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Meet the Artist 1: Rebecca Holland and The Cathedral Shop

Gifted digital artist Rebecca Holland tells us about her art and a special piece, described as “an oasis in the midst of the city”, that she created for the Cathedral Shop which is featured on jigsaws, tote bags and mugs: “I don’t just draw figuratively…I am usually a bit more abstract, so I decided to draw the building, but also have the community aspect in it…the music, the coffee and the hands…to emphasise the community”

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'Daisy Bell (Bicycle built for two)' played for Gavin

In this heartwarming episode of Anglicare Southern Queensland’s ‘By Request’, sheet metal worker turned performer, Gavin, shares the joy that music gives him. Even in the most tragic of circumstances, Gavin is able to find hope, solace and joy in music, using it as a way to celebrate and remember those he has lost. Share in the gift of music as a pair of fellow music lovers and X Factor finalists perform a special song just for Gavin