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Is God calling you? – Sarah is a priest

The Rev’d Canon Sarah Leisemann shares about her role as school chaplain at Cannon Hill Anglican College for Vocations Month this September: “The part I enjoy most about being a priest is hearing people’s stories…sometimes in talking to them I can help change their lives, and sometimes they help change mine.”



Is God calling You? – Max becomes a priest

The Rev’d Max Lambourne, priest at St Alban’s Anglican Church, Wilston, talks about his vocation to priestly ministry for Vocations Month this September: “I walk alongside people. I meet people in the joys and fragility of life.”


Archbishop’s Open Space Message to Synod Members 2019

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall speaks to us about the new Open Space dialogue approach to Synod this year, as we discuss ‘What is God calling us to be, and to do, at this time?’: “Synod this year will be different. There will be some motions and some canons to deal with as usual, but we are planning to give most of Saturday to an experiment called ‘Open Space dialogue’. Open Space is a way of listening to each other and engaging with each other more carefully, more seriously, more actively and more deeply than perhaps we’re used to at Synod.”