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Reflections Reflections

'The Bishop’s eye'

“The function or purpose of the office has often been described metaphorically as that of oculus episcopi, the ‘Bishop’s eye’; or sometimes, in modern parlance, by those with a more jaundiced view, as the ‘Bishop’s Rottweiler’,” says The Ven. Michael Faragher in this touching and humorous account of the origins and functions of the Archdeacon role


My God loves everyone

“Some people have recently asked me about an old photo taken at the Pride Week event, so I’d like to share the story behind it. It’s a great story about the opportunity to talk about Jesus with people who wouldn’t normally have a conversation with a Bishop,” says Bishop Jeremy Greaves


Why I studied theology

“The St Francis College lecturers come from a wide range of backgrounds, which allows for rich and deep conversation on many topics. It is a safe space in which to learn where everyone’s opinions and values are respected. Face-to-face lectures are second to none, although online attendance is also possible for those who can’t attend in person,” says The Rev’d Dr Gemma Dashwood OAM, who was ordained a Deacon in December last year


Paula Gooder: theologian and prolific writer

“Paula’s writing is incredibly accessible and engaging. I can still remember standing in a long queue in the Cairns Airport with her book Searching for Meaning in my hands. Even though the book is ‘academic’ – focusing on different methods of biblical interpretation or hermeneutics – I found it to be a real page-turner,” says The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free, as she introduces the speaker for the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Clergy Summer School


Lightening the load: letting go of toxic guilt and old patterns of security

“Thus, professional supervision is a facilitated ‘taking notice’ of what is triggered up in you, the supervisee, in your workplace. Support interactions sometimes trigger up undealt-with issues of the clergyperson or lay minister doing the supporting. Supervision prevents these triggered reactions being loaded onto the supported. Consequently, supervision protects you the supported, and both organisations,” says Sr Catherine Hefferan rsm, a supervisor within the St Francis College program