Reflections Reflections

Biases and bunkers

“I suspect the tendency to very quickly retreat into our bunkers, and to start actively protecting ourselves by attacking ‘the opposition’ is driven, at least in part, by the way people feel so certain about their positions – such that if anyone disagrees, they must be fundamentally wrong,” says The Rev’d Andrew Schmidt


Mary, Mother of Our Lord

The Ven. Keith Dean-Jones reflects on the Feast Day of ‘Mary, Mother of Our Lord’, which is celebrated on 15 August: “Sometimes our iconography is unhelpful, and we can get the idea that her obedience to God’s will was easy. But I do not think that this was the case, and she who delighted in the baby of Bethlehem stood at the foot of his cross on Calvary”


What is it that anchors us?

After a recent trip to Adelaide, where Bishop Jeremy found himself the fourth generation of his family to preach at the cathedral’s pulpit, Bishop Jeremy asks: “What are the deep roots that hold us firm when all around us the world shifts and changes?”