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Dr Peter Kline

Academic Dean and Lecturer, St Francis College, Milton

Dr Peter Kline

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Dr Peter Kline is the Academic Dean and Lecturer in Systematic Theology at St Francis College, Milton. He has a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in Theological Studies from Vanderbilt University, with a special interest in negative theology.

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"Liturgy is the work of making God our home – God having first made a home with us" (Dr Peter Kline)

Liturgy: Making God our home

“Liturgy, then, is not first and foremost about prayer books, or rituals, or religious spaces. All of these things are meant to make audible and visible a reality that is not captured or exhausted by any of them, namely, God’s love for our embodied existence – for our flesh. The challenge of enacting liturgy is to make God’s love tangible amidst actual people and the concreteness of their lived lives,” says Dr Peter Kline from St Francis College


St Francis College is joining the University of Divinity

“St Francis College will complete its affiliation with Charles Sturt University in 2023 and begin partnering with the University of Divinity as our higher education provider. The invitation to join the University of Divinity is a new beginning for St Francis College, creating significant and exciting opportunities for growth,” says the Academic Dean, Dr Peter Kline


Keeping the irony in atonement

“So how do we talk about Jesus’ death in a way that keeps the irony necessary for a crucifixion to be good news? Perhaps we begin by leaving to one side all the theories and staying with the narratives in the gospels. The basic structure of those narratives is that Jesus returns from death and seeks out relationship with those who in one way or another participated in his death, starting with those most intimate to him,” says Dr Peter Kline from St Francis College


What is the human being?

“What this inability to answer definitively the question about what we are shows us is that the humanity of human beings is our exposure to ourselves and to the world as an unfinishable task. Human being is the search for the meaning of our being, a search that we will never exhaust,” says Dr Peter Kline from St Francis College