Chaplain, St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School; Member of the ACSQ Domestic and Family Violence Working Group; Member, Diocesan Council

The Rev'd Gillian Moses

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The Rev’d Gillian Moses is Chaplain to St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School and a member of the ACSQ Domestic and Family Violence Working Group and Diocesan Council. She has an Honours degree in Theology from Charles Sturt University and a special interest in gender equality and theologies of power as they relate to gender and sexuality.

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What is your favourite Bible story?

Find out the favourite Bible stories of The Rev’d Gillian Moses, Dr Peter Kline and Bishop Jeremy Greaves in this ‘Exploring the Bible’ online short course video, produced by St Francis College. The course features 38 short videos under six themes, with reflection/discussion questions for groups or individuals

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Challenging violence of every kind

“Jesus calls us into life in all its abundance, which includes the fundamental right to be safe – as Anglicans we are committed to transforming unjust structures of society and challenging violence of every kind, which necessitates actively contesting social norms that foster inequality and associated violence,” says Domestic and Family Violence Working Group member The Rev’d Gillian Moses