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Knowing me, Knowing You: understanding the “A” word (and it’s not “Abba”)

“The challenging point is that knowing oneself as an Anglican does not come automatically, depending on your definition of ‘knowing’. For many of us, we have a feeling of what being an Anglican is. Ask a group of Anglicans ‘What is Anglican?’ after church one morning and you’ll receive a varied collection of answers,” says Jonathan Sargeant from St Francis College

People & History Opening and consecration of St Saviour's Anglican Church People & History

Rediscovering forgotten history – why parish records are so important

“A recent case where history was thought to have been lost, but has been rediscovered, is the early church registers for St James’, Toowoomba. Up to a few months ago, it was thought that this church’s early registers were destroyed in a flood caused by burst water pipes under the original rectory where records were then stored. However, it turns out that the registers were not lost,” says Diocesan Archivist Michael Rogers