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Fleur Creed

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Fleur Creed is a member of the Holy Hermits Online leadership team, serving as an HHO representative on Cathedral council, researcher and Liturgical Assistant. She is a PhD candidate (Alphacrucis) and has a Master of Counselling (CHC), a Graduate Diploma in Experiential & Creative Arts Practice (MIECAT), a Bachelor of Social Science (CHC), a Diploma in Community Services, a Diploma in Arts – Fashion (RMIT) and a Cert IV in Community Development.

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Sister Wendy Beckett: hermit, nun, art historian and unlikely TV star

“As someone who has both studied and worked in the creative fields, I have always been interested in anything relating to the arts, especially if it combines spirituality with art. When I heard about Sister Wendy Beckett, long after her first BBC show Sister Wendy’s Odyssey started airing on TV, I was curious as to how a Roman Catholic ‘consecrated virgin’…who lived as a hermit could possibly be such a broadcasting success,” says Fleur Creed from Holy Hermits Online