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“In contrast to the BCA, which does not support rural ministry in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland, the BMF only supports rural ministry in parishes of our Diocese and gives at least 98 per cent of all money donated to support rural ministry,” says Bishop Cam Venables, as he updates us on the BMF’s vital work

Parishioner Alicia Stewart (R) shows The Rev’d Kay Hart (L) an empty paddock that should be waist-high with wheat: The Rev'd Kay has been actively supporting community members during the drought
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The drought: what can the broader community do to help?

Clergy, church representatives and parishioners on the ground share their insights into how parishioners out west have been impacted by the drought, and how the broader Diocesan community can assist.

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Reflecting on 'drought'

The Right Rev’d Cameron Venables reflects upon the effects of what some out west are calling the worst drought in living memory, outlining four practical and life-giving ways that we can respond, so people in the broader Diocese know how to help, encourage and support the resilient and courageous farmers in our Diocese who are doing it tough