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The Right Rev’d Cam Venables is the Western Regional Bishop in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland. Based in Toowoomba, the region runs from Ipswich to the borders of South Australia and the Northern Territory. Cam has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Wolverhampton Polytechnic (UK) and a Bachelor of Theology from the Brisbane College of Theology. He is passionate about Christian discipleship, cross-cultural ministry and different forms of story-telling.

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Bushfire Lament

Earlier this year, a Bush Fire Prayer Vigil was held at St Francis College – the service provided space for people to bring their grief, hopes and longings for the earth and communities devastated by the unprecedented bushfire season that Australia had been, and still is, coming to terms with. Bishop Cam Venables wrote this lament for the earth, which he played at the service

Reflections Reflections

Christ at Caltex

“Reflecting on the encounter I think there is a gentle challenge from God for me to be a little more mindful about what’s going on in the lives of those around me, and to recognise the daily opportunities there are to encourage and be encouraged,” says Bishop Cam Venables on his chance meeting in Caltex on Ash Wednesday

Bishop Cam Venables and a 'hidden' public artwork in Montmarte: "In the look that the face gives to passersby there is warmth and wisdom, with an implicit invitation from the artist to better respect those who are elderly in our own lives"

Leaving our mark…

“So, I wonder about the ‘the mark’ we are each leaving? We may not all be artists or writers, but I think we are each creating a legacy that others will inherit,” says Bishop Cam Venables