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'Wonderland by Night' played for Bob

Bob has travelled around Australia, but it was in a Wollongong cafe surrounded by friends almost 60 years ago that he heard the song that would quickly become his favourite. As you get older and lose touch with friends, it’s special musical memories like Bob’s that keep you connected to your past. Head back to that cafe in 1961 with Bob in this episode of Anglicare Southern Queensland’s ‘By Request’, as he hears an incredible performance from a surprise award-winning folk, pop, soprano superstar and St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School alumna


Lionel Morgan: the man, the story, the legend

Anglicare Southern Queensland introduces the first Aboriginal rugby league player to represent Australia, NRL legend and beloved E.M. Tooth resident, Lionel Morgan. We are honoured that Lionel has made E.M. Tooth his home and, together with the NRL, Anglicare has made a television commercial to celebrate Lionel, his accomplishments and his family 


Earth Overshoot Day service

The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt tells us about Earth Overshoot Day, how our collective response to COVID-19 has helped push back Earth Overshoot Day this year and how we can mark this day by joining in the Cathedral’s Earth Overshoot Day service on Friday 21 August at 11.50 am in the Cathedral or online via Facebook


Now we have the New Testament, do we need the Old?

Hear Hebrew scholar Dr Marie-Louise Craig and Archbishop Phillip Aspinall discuss this question in the ‘Exploring the Bible’ online short course, produced by St Francis College. The course features 38 short videos under six themes, with reflection/discussion questions for groups or individuals