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The Grizzlies

“I was won over. I think you will be, too, by the authentic tale of these young people inspired that darkness would not be their final destination. As the credits roll and you see images of the real-life equivalents of each of the cast members and their ongoing life situations, the transcendent uplift is palpable,” says anglican focus film reviewer Jonathan Sargeant

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Who Is This Vernon Cornish?

Vernon was a natural entertainer…with the capacity to generate a laugh, not at others’ expense or at the faith, but laughter at things as a sign of the redemptive presence of the risen Christ. Ledger’s biography explores this aspect well, along with two other strengths that any ordained person might aspire to,” says Bishop Jonathan Holland in this biography review

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David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet

“In his career as a broadcaster and natural historian, Attenborough has created over 100 documentaries on the intricacies of our earth and its inhabitants. A Life on Our Planet illustrates the magnitude of Attenborough’s learning during his career,” says The Rev’d Jazz Dow

Films & TV

Corpus Christi

“Redemption comes in many colours and Corpus Christi paints them delightfully,” says Jonathan Sargeant in this review of a Polish film based on true events and nominated for the 2020 Academy Award for Best International Feature

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A response to ‘What do Anglicans Believe?’

“The most tangible impact of this resource is that students will see that conversations and collaboration have taken place throughout the history of the Church. This communication and wrestling with ideas of faith is a practice engaged in by members of all faith communities and proves that consensus can be reached despite differences in contexts and cultures,” says FormedFaith’s Fiona Hammond

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Climate for Change

“I wholeheartedly recommend the use of ABM’s Climate for Change to anglican focus readers. It utilises excellent scholarship and resources to help us to gain a balanced opinion on the effects of climate change, the human role in the change, and ways we can act to reverse damage to the climate,” says The Rev’d Kaye Pitman OAM