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Jonathan Sargeant

Director of Lay Education, St Francis College, Milton

Jonathan Sargeant

About Jonathan -

Jonathan Sargeant is Director of Lay Education at St Francis College, Milton and worships there, too. He has a Bachelor of Theology from the BCT and a MMin from Charles Sturt University, along with Education and Youth Work diplomas. With a special interest in Public Discourse about religion, pop culture and film, Jonathan’s PhD is on the way.

Articles by Jonathan

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High Ground

anglican focus film reviewer Jonathan Sargeant gives a mixed review of High Ground, a confronting colonial tale filmed in Arnhem Land, which is currently showing in cinemas

Films & TV Films & TV


“It’s a worthy tale of an astonishing woman with new insights and just a few leaden blemishes that stop it from soaring,” says anglican focus film reviewer Jonathan Sargeant on this Marie Curie biopic

Films & TV


“The political, religious and cultural zeitgeist of Portugal during the period of the first World War is captured in a way that brings a depth of understanding to the way these children are treated,” says anglican focus film reviewer Jonathan Sargeant on Fatima, which is currently showing in cinemas

Films & TV


“DARK’s story threads riff off Greek tragedies. What first appear to be philosophical musings and hypothetical ethical dilemmas become concrete plot points requiring answers…My conversations with other viewers have uncovered some using spreadsheets to keep track of relationships and family involvements,” says Jonathan Sargeant on the Netflix series, DARK


Modern Poets: faith meeting music

“Those years in the Modern Poets were enormously formative, to both our identities and faith. An unshakeable belief in the positive place of faith and the Church in the public space was born,” says musician Jonathan Sargeant, as he reflects on his formative years as a band member in the 1980s