Jonathan Sargeant

Director of Lay Education, St Francis College, Milton

Jonathan Sargeant

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Jonathan Sargeant is Director of Lay Education at St Francis College, Milton and worships there, too. He has a Bachelor of Theology from the BCT and a MMin from Charles Sturt University, along with Education and Youth Work diplomas. With a special interest in Public Discourse about religion, pop culture and film, Jonathan’s PhD is on the way.

Articles by Jonathan

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

“There’s a lot more going on here than in your everyday blockbuster, providing good fodder for homiletic examination. With a light and dark side and the area in between, the Force remains a potent concept for spiritual pondering,” says Jonathan Sargeant in this spoiler-free film review

Films & TV Films & TV

Against Our Oath

“Focusing on health care professionals is a smart angle to take; it appropriately and effectively removes the situation of people seeking asylum from the tangled and sticky web of politics,” says FormedFaith’s Jonathan Sargeant on award-winning director Heather Kirkpatrick’s latest documentary

Films & TV

Where Hands Touch

Jonathan Sargeant gives a mixed review on this motion picture drama, which is currently showing in cinemas, and which depicts the romance between a young bi-racial Berlin adolescent girl and a member of the Hitler youth