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Rector, Parish of Chelmer Graceville Anglican Church and Area Dean of Brisbane South West

The Rev'd Michael Stalley

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The Rev’d Michael Stalley is the Rector of Chelmer Graceville Anglican Church and Area Dean of Brisbane South West. He has a Bachelor of Theology from BCT and a Graduate Diploma in Ministry from CSU, with a special interest in contemporary approaches to mission and faith formation.

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Reflections Reflections

Hero priests or communities of care?

“In an unsettled environment, there is much pressure on the ordained person to be the leader that provides continuity, stability and certainty. When clergy talk among ourselves, we often describe this style of an ordained leader as the ‘Hero Priest’…Can I suggest that it is in the tension between a desire for certainty and the reality that no such assurance is possible that our wellbeing problem lies?” says The Rev’d Michael Stalley in a new anglican focus series on ‘creating communities of care’

Books & Guides

Jesus was a Refugee

The Rev’d Michael Stalley reviews the children’s book Jesus was a Refugee, which draws upon the biblical narrative in Matthew’s Gospel to bring attention to Jesus’, and his family’s, experience of seeking refuge from the political threat of violence


Faith formation for a new and exciting era

The triennial Provincial Clergy and Lay Conferences were recently held, with author and faith formation expert John Roberto presenting as key speaker – local clergy and lay leaders summarise Roberto’s key ideas and the potentially rich application of these for our Diocese