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Rector, The Parish of Logan

The Ven. Geoff Hoyte

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The Ven. Geoff Hoyte is Rector of The Parish of Logan, an Archdeacon, member of Diocesan Council, member of the executive of the Queensland Faith Communities Council and a board member of the Queensland Community Alliance. His MA (Stud Rel) is from The University of Queensland.

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Justice & Advocacy The Rev’d Michael Stalley from The parish of Mt Gravatt, The Rev’d Rick Gummow from The Parish of Drayton and The Ven. Geoff Hoyte from The Parish of Logan Justice & Advocacy

“Our support of the ‘yes’ vote honours our Diocese’s long legacy”

“We are proud to co-author this reflection about why we are championing the Anglican Church Southern Queensland’s position in support of constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples via a Voice. The way we see it, our support of the ‘yes’ vote honours our Diocese’s long legacy, as illustrated in this timeline from the 1960s to present,” say The Ven. Geoff Hoyte, The Rev’d Rick Gummow and The Rev’d Michael Stalley

"I am going to vote “yes” to the Voice for the sake of that kid, wherever he is now. And because of “the gap”, and the disproportionate number of deaths in custody…If First Nations people had been properly listened to back then, we would be a different country now" (The Ven. Geoff Hoyte)
Justice & Advocacy

Why I am voting “yes” in the referendum: The Ven. Geoff Hoyte

“I am campaigning for the ‘yes’ vote in this year’s referendum because I now have grandchildren. They won’t understand what it is all about when we vote this year, just like I didn’t understand what the 1967 referendum was about when I was five. But I want to be able to tell them about it later and that I tried to be part of making their country fairer,” says The Ven. Geoff Hoyte, as Close the Gap Day approaches on 16 March