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Call for unified national leadership on climate change

The National Council of Churches in Australia urges Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese to convene a roundtable on climate change, shaping a bipartisan approach and drawing in civil society leaders

Anglicare SQ A Place To Belong member Deborah, a Brisbane woman with a range of disabilities and challenges, who some years ago had been semi-homeless, is now on the casual payroll at the University of Queensland and she regularly contributes to different classes: “I used to live in institutions and hostels and I used to have to do things by the rules. I like living in my own house. I can see the city and I have my own clothesline. My support team and friends are helping me to learn the computer. It is difficult but I am better than I was.”

Putting relationships at the centre of services: Anglicare Australia launches 'Our Better Selves'

Anglicare Australia released its 19th ‘State of the Family Report, Our Better Selves’ yesterday – read the report and the stories shared by brave Anglicare SQ service users, including Deborah and Kathy