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The Right Rev’d John Roundhill is Bishop for the Southern Region of the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland. He has a BTH from Oxford University and a MA from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences.

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Reflections Reflections

1970, a good year for music

“This is not to say that we do not have a huge repository of powerful faith-filled lyrics in the canon of hymns – we do – but pop music at times can give even hymn lyrics a run for their money,” says Bishop John Roundhill in his homage to two great songs from 1970, while also asking us “What great rock, pop or folk songs from 1970 inspire you in your faith and mission and why?”

Imam Uzair Akbar (centre front), President of the Islamic Society of Holland Park Tony Ahmad (front, fourth from right), Spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Queensland Ali Kadri (back, right), Aunty Bebe Ahmad (front, second from left) and other Holland Park Mosque congregation members welcomed The Rev'd Dr Graham Warren (back, left) and ACSQ Communications and Community Engagement Specialist Michelle McDonald (front, third from left) to Holland Park Mosque on Friday 13 September 2019. Fr Graham, Michelle and Peter Branjerdporn visited the mosque after it was vandalised with racist symbols and text, bringing with them a card of solidarity signed by Bishop John and a collection that was taken up desk to desk in the Cathedral Precinct.

Loving our Muslim neighbours

“When a mosque is vandalised or Muslim worshippers verbally abused, I often wonder whether we, as Christians, take for granted our own right to worship in peace and safety. Muslims are often easily recognisable by their hijabs or other attire, leaving peacemaking women and men who practise Islam vulnerable to bullies motivated by irrational fear,” says Bishop John Roundhill


Season of Creation

Bishop John Roundhill reflects on what his coal-mining father would think about climate change and the current state of the Earth: “I suspect my father would be applauding 16-year-old Swedish climate justice activist Greta Thunberg as she sails across the Atlantic on a high-tech, wind-powered yacht to tell the truth to powerful world leaders at the UN Climate Change Summit…”


Reflections on Canterbury

Bishop John Roundhill shares his insights and experiences of the ‘Baby Bishops Conference’, which he recently attended in the United Kingdom, and where “the Communion’s ancient liturgical traditions were fittingly juxtaposed with the high-tech work practices of the Bishops”