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The Right Rev’d John Roundhill is Bishop for the Southern Region of the Anglican Church of Southern Queensland. He has a BTH from Oxford University and a MA from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences.

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Reflections Reflections

Loving our Muslim neighbours

“When a mosque is vandalised or Muslim worshippers verbally abused, I often wonder whether we, as Christians, take for granted our own right to worship in peace and safety. Muslims are often easily recognisable by their hijabs or other attire, leaving peacemaking women and men who practise Islam vulnerable to bullies motivated by irrational fear,” says Bishop John Roundhill


Reflections on Canterbury

Bishop John Roundhill shares his insights and experiences of the ‘Baby Bishops Conference’, which he recently attended in the United Kingdom, and where “the Communion’s ancient liturgical traditions were fittingly juxtaposed with the high-tech work practices of the Bishops”


Pub Choir

Bishop John Roundhill inspires us with his recent Pub Choir experience, when he gathered with thousands of other locals to learn and sing a classic Aussie secular Christmas song