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Assistant Curate, Maranoa Warrego Anglican Mission Area

The Rev'd Rick Gummow

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The Rev’d Rick Gummow is Assistant Priest in the Maranoa-Warrego Anglican Mission Area; caring for the parishes of Mitchell, Charleville, and Cunnamulla. He has a Bachelor of Theology from CSU, with a special interest in reaching those who don’t feel they have been invited to the banquet of the King.

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The Baru Beat The Baru Beat

If you build it, they will come

“ ‘If you build it, they will come,’ as the oft quoted movie line goes, and lo, almost to the day of the new Mitchell art gallery’s opening, caravans started lumbering back into town like migrating herds. What a sight it was – you could almost hear the town exhale with relief,” says The Rev’d Rick Gummow


Reflections on John Roberto: reimagining faith formation

John Roberto, as keynote speaker at our recent Clergy and Lay Conferences, spoke about reimagining faith formation for the 21st century – four conference participants share their reflections on engaging digital technologies and media, how to embrace change, the benefits of intergenerational approaches and how a faith-based school culture can nourish families and staff