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Priest, Holy Hermits Online

The Rev'd Jamee-Lee Callard

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The Rev’d Jamee-Lee Callard is the priest for Holy Hermits Online. She has a Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and a Bachelor of Theology from CSU.

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Being a baptised people this Advent

“Kieron’s patience in trusting that God would make a way for him to baptism, in God’s time and in God’s way, was a beautiful model of what the season of Advent can mean for us. We who anticipate Christ’s birth in our midst with much excitement and who also await the second coming of Christ, can often wonder how these things will come to be,” says priest for Holy Hermits Online, The Rev’d Jamee Callard


Anthony of Egypt

“Recognised as the legendary pioneer of the desert Abbas (Fathers) and Ammas (Mothers), Anthony’s individual qualities and fervent humility enabled the desert movement to shift the patterns of Christian discipleship,” says The Rev’d Jamee Callard on Anthony of Egypt, while also inviting us to join her new Holy Hermits Online community in a nourishing ABM Lenten study


An intro to Holy Hermits Online

The Rev’d Jamee Callard tells us about the new online Christian community ‘Holy Hermits Online’, which has emerged from the ongoing needs of the COVID-19 environment: “We get together on Zoom once a week…We are named after the holy hermits of our Christian history – holy men and women who have lived remarkable lives…they all have one thing in common, their deep personal relationship with God was what formed them and enabled them to channel the Holy Spirit back out into the world, sometimes influencing whole countries…Hopefully their stories will inspire us in looking for God”