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Diocesan Council member, Honorary Deacon at the Parish of Goodna and St Paul’s Anglican Church, Ipswich parishioner

The Rev'd Dr Gemma Dashwood OAM

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The Rev’d Dr Gemma Dashwood OAM is in her final stages of specialist training in Intensive Care Medicine, and as well as her Bachelor of Theology she also has degrees in medical ethics, medical law and speech pathology. Music is very important to her and she plays the pipe organ at St Paul’s, Ipswich and regularly sings in St John’s Cathedral. She lives with her two dogs in Grandchester.

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People & History St Francis statue People & History

Who was St Francis of Assisi?

“Although poverty was Francis’ cornerstone, he was also passionate about recognising the  sanctity of all God’s creatures. He was often seen in conversation with animals of all kinds, and in his famous ‘Canticle of the Creatures’ his habit of calling elements of nature ‘brother and sister’ is clearly documented,” says The Rev’d Dr Gemma Dashwood OAM TSSF

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Marathon walk for mental wellness: dawn to dusk

“The idea for our walk came when we were considering some way of raising awareness about clergy mental wellness to churchgoers, as well as to the wider community. With one of us based in Ipswich and the other at the Cathedral, a walk from one church to the other seemed a natural idea,” say The Rev’d Dr Gemma Dashwood and The Rev’d Selina McMahon


Why I studied theology

“The St Francis College lecturers come from a wide range of backgrounds, which allows for rich and deep conversation on many topics. It is a safe space in which to learn where everyone’s opinions and values are respected. Face-to-face lectures are second to none, although online attendance is also possible for those who can’t attend in person,” says The Rev’d Dr Gemma Dashwood OAM, who was ordained a Deacon in December last year