PTO, St John's Anglican Cathedral and locum priest at St Alban's, Gatton

The Rev’d Dr Imelda O’Loughlin

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The Rev’d Dr Imelda O’Loughlin is PTO with St John’s Cathedral and is the locum priest at St Alban’s, Gatton. She practised medicine for over 40 years, and has a Fellowship with the Australian College of General Practitioners, a Master of Public Health, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Theology and is currently studying for a Master of Ministry.

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Sharing sacred stories and vessels

“When we extend an invitation to people, including seasonal workers, to join us, we have both the responsibility and privilege to listen to their story. Sharing narratives is at the heart of Christian community and essential for our own sense of person and place,” says The Rev’d Dr Imelda O’Loughlin, locum priest at St Alban’s in Gatton, in this Season of Creation reflection