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Rector, St Peter's Anglican Church, Maroochydore

The Rev'd Tania Eichler

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The Rev’d Tania Eichler is the Rector of the Anglican Parish of Maroochydore, St Peter’s, Sunshine Coast. She has a Bachelor of Theology (Youth, Children’s & Families Ministry) from the Brisbane College of Theology, with a special interest in intergenerational ministry and community care, compassion and welfare.

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A Pathways Mentoring Workshop Day at St Francis College on 8 May 2021, with (L-R): The Rev’d Tania Eichler, Daphne McAdam, Janet Clempson, Kris McGuire, Gwen Tremlett and The Ven. John Barnes

What is professional supervision and how does it differ to spiritual direction, mentoring and coaching?

“Like many priests, I am a resourceful person and am capable of a number of things; however, professional supervision keeps me accountable to my key calling as a priest. So, I have been seeing a professional supervisor monthly since the start of last year in order to be more discerning about my call and regarding what initiatives and activities I choose to engage in,” says The Rev’d Tania Eichler


Church, community, chicken, chalk art and Christmas cheer

“One of the most important ways that we will continue to welcome people to our inn is by greeting and introducing community meal guests by name, just as God calls each of us by name. People’s faces light up when they are welcomed by name, as doing so affirms their God-given dignity and uniqueness,” says The Rev’d Tania Eichler from the Parish of Maroochydore, as part of our ‘Being Together This Advent’ social media initiative


A place to call home

“Through the Community Meal our parishioners disciple people and we have five Community Meal friends who have become regulars in our worship services and have begun to take up service to, with and for others,” says The Rev’d Tania Eichler of The Parish of Maroochydore’s weekly outreach initiative


How to write sermons that connect

At baptisms, weddings and funerals, clergy have a unique opportunity to engage with people who do not usually go to church, as they honour the lives of people in various stages of their life journeys – clergy from throughout the Diocese share their insights on how to write special occasion wedding, baptism and funeral sermons that connect