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Office Administrator for GFS – Anglican Ministry & Liturgical Assistant, Parish of Sandgate Northpoint

Margaret Humphries

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Margaret Humphries is the Office Administrator for GFS – Anglican Ministry (formerly, Girls’ Friendly Society) and Liturgical Assistant at the Parish of Sandgate Northpoint. She has a Certificate III in Business Administration, Library and Information Technology and Art.

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Reflections Reflections

Our call as a baptised people during Advent

“At my Parish of Sandgate-Northpoint, I once witnessed a baptism where a young child with the hugest of smiles was taking in all around him, aware that something very special was happening. I observed how laid back this child was, despite the buzz of activity, accepting the baptism and the ensuing applause with grace,” says Margaret Humphries from GFS – An Anglican Ministry and the Parish of Sandgate-Northpoint

GFS – An Anglican Ministry Office Administrator, Margaret Humphries, in her working space at St Francis College, where she enjoys "the happy and spirited culture"

Girls’ Friendly Society: history, origins and now

“GFS – An Anglican Ministry in our Diocese supports a range of initiatives, locally and internationally, by providing grants for parishes; bursaries for St Francis College students; financial support for Ichthus Camps; and funding for a chaplain one day a week at Queensland Children’s Hospital,” says GFS – An Anglican Ministry Office Administrator, Margaret Humphries