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Rector of Ipswich Parish

The Rev'd Selina McMahon

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The Rev’d Selina McMahon is the Rector of Ipswich Parish and worships at St Paul’s Church, Ipswich. She has a Bachelor of Science from University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and an MSc. in Science and Theology from the University of Edinburgh, with a special interest in the interplay between the church and science through history.

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The Christmas truce of 1914

“Gradually, soldiers climbed out of their trenches, responding to each other as human beings…They walked into no-man’s-land, trusting each other and welcoming each other as they did so. This was the first time they had really seen each other – as people welcoming each other in the spirit of Christmas,” says The Rev’d Selina McMahon on the widespread unofficial Christmas ceasefires along the Western Front on Christmas Eve in 1914

The Very Rev'd Dr Peter Catt (far right), Executive Director of Parishes and other Mission Agencies Commission Dr Stephen Harrison (far left) and Resource Church specialist Bishop Daniel Abot (Centre) at St Martin's House in May 2021)

Five Resource Church leaders share stories and resources

Five Resource Church leaders from across our Diocese tell us about their current activities and the highlights of their roles so far, while also sharing resources for parishes and ministries to use and adapt


The Christmas card

Blending fascinating facts with famous fiction, The Rev’d Selina McMahon from Resource Church St Paul’s, Ipswich tells us about the history and origins of the first Christmas card


Hildegard of Bingen

“Hildegard of Bingen is a rare example of someone who touched nearly every field of human endeavour, leaving her mark on all aspects of life. Like Hildegard, we need to take a broader view of the whole of creation – view it and marvel in it,” says scientist and priest, The Rev’d Selina McMahon on Hildegard of Bingen who is commemorated in our lectionary on 17 September