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Synod Representative, The Parish of Laidley & Saibai Elder

Uncle Milton Walit

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Uncle Milton Walit is a Synod Representative for The Parish of Laidley, an Executive Member of NATSIAC and a Torres Strait Islander Elder from Saibai. He served in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps for 10 years.

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Reflections Torres Strait Islander elder wearing a suit standing against a red brick wall Reflections

"The first Easter I remember"

“As a community, after the Easter Day service we celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus with a big kai kai (feast). People from all over the Torres Strait Islands and Papua New Guinea (which was then still administered by Australia) came via sailing canoes rather than by motor boats, bringing seafood, taro, sweet potato, casava, sago and other traditional foods. We then had traditional dancing with men wearing headdresses made of emu feathers and women wearing grass skirts,” says Uncle Milton Walit from NATSIAC and The Parish of Laidley

"My island of Saibai is now sinking and overwhelmed with sea water because of terrible coastal erosion, rising sea levels and king tides. We are worried that if things don’t improve that the bell tower of our church will be covered in water," (Uncle Milton Walit)
Justice & Advocacy

Why I am voting "yes" in the referendum: Uncle Milton Walit

“Instead of going straight out to the beach to spear fish when our spears were ready one day, our father’s, father’s brother explained to us young ones about the movement of the tides — when to go out and when not to go out, when it was dangerous and when it was safe. Since then the sea has become much more dangerous because of the changing climate,” says Uncle Milton Walit from The Parish of Laidley