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Director of Mission, Research and Advocacy, Anglicare Southern Queensland

Dr Stephen Harrison

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Dr Stephen Harrison is the Director of Mission, Research and Advocacy at Anglicare Southern Queensland. Stephen has degrees in science, theology, education, community welfare and a Doctorate in ministry from CSU. He has a passion for missiology and ecclesiology, with 25 years’ experience with parishes, schools and commissions in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland.

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Anglicare Sunday

“Sunday 13 August 2023 was designated at the recent Synod as ‘Anglicare Sunday’ in our Diocese. This day is a wonderful opportunity for parishes and other faith communities to acknowledge, celebrate and pray for the work of Anglicare Southern Queensland,” says Dr Stephen Harrison


Collaboration: towards effective missional outcomes

From a personal perspective, I like the idea that I’m self-sufficient and smart enough to solve my own problems. Admitting I need help means being vulnerable and this can be deeply uncomfortable, especially for an introvert like me. Based on conversations I’ve had, I think parish clergy and lay leaders have similar concerns. If we admit that everything isn’t peachy, what will people think of us?” explores Dr Stephen Harrison


What might church look like beyond…?

“Synod’s open space dialogues in 2019 served to start important conversations about the future of the Church. Within our Diocesan community, groups are continuing to use innovative approaches to dialogue, such as open space and talking circles, to explore important topics,” says Dr Stephen Harrison, as he tells us about an exciting early November open space event