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Dr Stephen Harrison

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Stephen Harrison is the Executive Director of the Parishes and other Mission Agencies Commission. He belongs to Gold Coast North Anglican Church. Stephen has degrees in science, theology, education, community welfare and a Doctorate in ministry from CSU. He has a passion for missiology and ecclesiology.

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Clergy aged 65+ wellbeing and contribution survey

“At a time in life when people usually wind back work-related activities, clergy aged over 65 in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland are making a huge contribution. We have to wonder what the church would look like if the thousands of hours of quality ministry they provide were not given,” says Executive Director of PMC Stephen Harrison on a 65+ clergy survey


Church growth – what do we really know?

“Importantly, the research found that theological tradition appears to make no significant difference to church growth or decline. Neither does the gender, ethnicity or marital status of the leader,” says Dr Stephen Harrison on a recent UK church growth report


Wise: Transforming Pastoral Ministry

Executive Director of PMC Dr Stephen Harrison, reviews a new book on pastoral ministry written by Bishop Matt Brain: “Bishop Brain has a great ability to take academic knowledge and show how it informs pastoral practice in a hands-on way. It would certainly lend itself to robust study and discussion within a clergy learning group.”