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Are you board-ready?


“When a group of people – strongly diverse in both skill sets and personal backgrounds – work collaboratively together to achieve good governance, the outcomes are more robust, innovative, effective and ethically sound,” says Joanne Stone, ACSQ Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of the Finance and Diocesan Services Commission

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I know of a woman, now nearly 50 years of age, who was invited in her early 30s to be on the board of a small retail community bank. She was told by the board’s chair that her marketing and communication skills, collaborative approach and straightforward manner would be of value. The chair also said that her voluntary community and church work demonstrated values that were aligned with the bank’s. Feeling intimidated and “unworthy” of such an offer, the woman knocked back the invitation and has regretted it ever since. She realises now that with the right support and mentoring that she would have developed valuable career and inter-personal skills, as well as served her local community, had she given it a go. Looking back now, she says that her Aboriginal background offers unique perspectives and a collective consciousness that are also highly regarded on boards. In the last five years she has enjoyed volunteering on three not-for-profit and charity governance bodies, enthusiastically encouraging others to do the same.

I have served on a number of governance bodies during my 35-year career. My experience has shown me that serving on a commission, board, committee or similar governance body goes well beyond benefitting the respective organisation, building the collective teamwork skills of the whole board and enhancing an individual member’s career.

Serving on a governing body strengthens a person’s professional credibility, helps cultivate networks, fosters mentorship opportunities (for both potential mentors and mentees), develops leadership and collaboration skills and helps ensure that knowledge remains current.

Serving on governing bodies also benefits the team as a body – the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. When a group of people – strongly diverse in both skill sets and personal backgrounds – work collaboratively together to achieve good governance, the outcomes are more robust, innovative, effective and ethically sound.

Most of all, when you serve on a not-for-profit board you make a lasting difference for your community.

Our Diocese’s Finance and Diocesan Services Commission (FDSC) is currently inviting diverse people with strong professional skills to volunteer on its governing body, or “commission”. Skills, education and experience in the following areas are particularly needed:

The FDSC provides strategic direction, leadership and oversight of the Diocese’s financial operations and administration. This includes governance of financial management, banking, investment and treasury services, property, workplace health and safety, organisational development, payroll, digital innovation and information management across Diocesan operations (excluding Anglicare Southern Queensland and schools).

The FDSC recognises that diverse people bring unique perspectives to problem solving and the generation of ideas, and so we are particularly keen to invite nominations from:

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), in conjunction with the Australian Network on Disability, is currently offering 100 full-fee scholarships through a Disability Leadership Program, geared to building boardroom confidence for people living with disability. The program is accessible, inclusive and recognises the importance of a cross section of voices at the boardroom table. Applications for the 2023 round close on 26 February.

New FDSC members are provided with a support person from the Commission’s existing membership to assist with their integration in the first 12 months.

To apply for this exciting voluntary role, please email a covering letter outlining your skills and attributes, and attaching your current curriculum vitae (four pages maximum), to Executive Assistant Charlotte Barton via

To find out more about this opportunity, please contact or phone (07) 3835 2306.

For more information on the ACSQ and the FDSC, please visit our website.

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