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Gender equality

People & History People & History

Movement for the Ordination of Women: history, origins and key figures

The driving force behind the Movement for the Ordination of Women in Australia was Dr Patricia BrennanAs a woman and a lay person, Patricia was not permitted to preach during a visit to Brisbane. The thenDean got around this restriction by concluding Evensong with a lengthy procession around the Cathedral, after which Patricia entered the pulpit and spoke,” says The Rev’d Canon Dr Marian Free

Reflections Bishop John Roundhill Reflections


“Perhaps our world might have been very different, perhaps even safer, if back in the 1940s there were more women in those men-filled rooms making decisions. What kind of world might that have produced?” asks Bishop John Roundhill

Hannah Clarke and her three children were killed in Camp Hill in 2020 by Hannah's estranged husband and the children's father (Image sourced from Mamamia)
Justice & Advocacy

Prevention and response to domestic and family violence through the Ten Commitments

“It can sometimes seem as if we are becoming desensitised to domestic murders given the sheer regularity of news stories covering such atrocities. But the February 2020 murder of Hannah Clarke and her three children in Brisbane sent shockwaves throughout the Australian community,” says ACSQ DFV Project Officer Jenny Clark


Are you board-ready?

“When a group of people – strongly diverse in both skill sets and personal backgrounds – work collaboratively together to achieve good governance, the outcomes are more robust, innovative, effective and ethically sound,” says Joanne Stone, ACSQ Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of the Finance and Diocesan Services Commission

Justice & Advocacy

Cathedral Mothers Union group installs red bench

“The idea of having a red bench at the Cathedral began when Betty Taylor, founder of the Red Rose Foundation, was a guest speaker at a Mothers Union gathering in 2021. The Red Rose Foundation works to eliminate domestic and family violence related deaths,” says Secretary of St John’s Cathedral Mothers Union, Glynis Jenkins