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Cultural diversity

Reflections Board member meeting Reflections

Are you board-ready?

“When a group of people – strongly diverse in both skill sets and personal backgrounds – work collaboratively together to achieve good governance, the outcomes are more robust, innovative, effective and ethically sound,” says Joanne Stone, ACSQ Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director of the Finance and Diocesan Services Commission

"Every day in our faith communities we are presented with opportunities to use our giftings, skills, resources, church spaces and, most importantly, our knowledge that every person has inherent dignity, for the common good" (Dr Stephen Harrison)

Being Together: a new inclusion and respect dialogue resource for Anglican parishes

“In his ministry, Jesus used narrative to share knowledge, initiate discussions and connect with people. This is why personal stories centred on specific parish experiences have been sourced to form the backbone of the new Parishes and other Mission Agencies Commission resource,” says Dr Stephen Harrison


“When my mum was pregnant with me she had a dream”

“In the following weeks, my mum forgot about her dream. When she gave birth, the midwife asked my mum what she was going to name me. My mum said that she didn’t know and so the midwife replied with, ‘How about you name her ‘Rebecca’ after me?’ That was when my mum remembered her dream,” shares The Rev’d Rebecca King


Consultation and consensus: handing back the role of Bishop

“In my culture people have a collective consciousness. This means that I can’t make important decisions impacting my community alone. Just as I couldn’t refuse the role as Bishop, I couldn’t decide as an individual to resign from the role. In order to hand back the role of Bishop, I needed to travel to South Sudan for three months earlier this year so I could consult,” says Resource Church specialist Bishop Daniel Abot


St Bart's Kids team: Garang's story

“I follow Jesus, for starters, by being a good father to my kids and a good husband to my wife, and attending church regularly and trying to learn the Bible as much as I possibly can,” says St Bart’s Kids team member, Garang Chut Deng