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Cultural diversity

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St Bart's Kids team: Garang's story

“I follow Jesus, for starters, by being a good father to my kids and a good husband to my wife, and attending church regularly and trying to learn the Bible as much as I possibly can,” says St Bart’s Kids team member, Garang Chut Deng

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The Southport School Indigenous Program

A recent Australian Catholic University study shows that The Southport School’s innovative Indigenous Program is delivering across the board – notably the percentage of TSS First Nations students aspiring to go to university is higher than the national average. Twenty-nine First Nations students currently attend TSS, and twice a week they meet together to explore their cultures, including via storytelling in the school’s outdoor yarning circle

"A Christian friend of mine is an academic of First Nations history. In 2018, she shared a post on Facebook about Gondwana Theology, commenting about how impressive the book is historically and theologically" (Peter Branjerdporn)
Faith book reflections

The book I have given away the most and why: Peter Branjerdporn

“The book made me realise how disconnected I am to the land, sea and sky and how much I need to work on being grounded in Creation, which is really the same thing as Country. I now see God’s hand more in Creation and consequently my faith is more embodied rather than primarily abstract. As a city-dweller, this book’s explanation of the Dreaming and its liturgical resources enable me to embody my spirituality in Creation,” says the Justice Unit’s Peter Branjerdporn


Possibly the most life-changing words I ever heard: Sandra Beck

“After hearing the woman’s remark, I started worshipping with one of the largely black congregations, which was closer to the university, along with a few white academics and students. My new parish was then administered by some Brothers from the Society of St Francis. I loved the parish’s atmosphere from the get-go,” says Sandra Beck from the Third Order of The Society of St Francis


“Every human being was saved by that beautiful baby”

“By being respectful in challenging conversations, helping people who are in need and taking time to be with people who are lonely, we are being a welcoming community. Just as the whole community – the shepherds, kings and animals – came together to be with the vulnerable baby in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago, it is important for our community members to be there for those who are vulnerable,” says Parish of North Pine’s and AYCF’s, Tapiwanashe Masvaure


Solidarity – in praise of ‘wokeness’

“Solidarity is about a journey into seeing how the world looks to those who are oppressed, and seeking to walk alongside those who are trying to shape the world into a place of equality and justice. Those who stand in solidarity seek to learn from those they walk alongside, and they are also challenged to see what role they also play in the oppression of others. This is as true for me as it is for others,” says National Aboriginal Bishop and Gurindji man Chris McLeod