Kuku Yalanji woman and Cultural Support Worker, Anglicare SQ, Gold Coast Foster Care, Children and Families

Lalania Tusa Fa’aaefili

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Kuku Yalanji woman Lalania Tusa Fa’aaefili is a Cultural Support Worker with Anglicare SQ and holds a Diploma in Education. Prior to moving to the Gold Coast, she was the Mossman Community Church Youth Leader with her husband and provided youth support to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children/youth.

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What is a Cultural Support Worker?

Anglicare Cultural Support Workers, Kuku Yalanji woman Lalania Tusa and Pitta Pitta man Noel Doyle, support non-Indigenous foster carers and staff to better understand the needs of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children in care and to respond in a holistic way that considers family, spiritual, community and individual needs