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What is a Cultural Support Worker?


Anglicare Cultural Support Workers, Kuku Yalanji woman Lalania Tusa and Pitta Pitta man Noel Doyle, support non-Indigenous foster carers and staff to better understand the needs of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children in care and to respond in a holistic way that considers family, spiritual, community and individual needs

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Anglicare’s Cultural Support Workers work in close partnership with Child Safety service centres to achieve the young person’s cultural plans. They also assist other team members to better understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families and support them toward the best outcomes for our young people in care and at risk:

“I work with all the carers, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and bring cultural information forward for the young people that the carers are looking after.” (Cultural Support Worker, Pitta Pitta man Noel Doyle)

“It’s very vital and important that children are connected to their cultures because there’s that sense of belonging to the country, to the Earth, to the spirit world, to the families, to everything. You know, 65 thousand years of living here on this land…” (Cultural Support Worker, Kuku Yalanji woman Lalania Tusa)


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