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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Homilies & Addresses Professor Megan Davis Homilies & Addresses

2022 Brisbane Peace Lecture

“Our Country, our land, is integral to who we are. Our culture is a gerontocracy, which means that our Elders, our old people, lead decision making in communities, and are the cultural authority in our communities. The fundamental normative principle is that decision needs to be driven by community. So we designed a process that would enable us to seek advice from communities via a structured, deliberative dialogue process,” says Professor Megan Davis

"The 'Dandiiri Approach' is the way WestMAC works within Indigenous education...This is the strong foundation from which we springboard. Dandiiri is the Yugara word for 'together'" (Phyllis Marsh, pictured with WestMAC students in May 2021)
Spotlight Q&A

Q&A with MaMu woman, Christian and WestMAC Learning Innovator – Indigenous Perspectives, Phyllis Marsh

Meet Phyllis Marsh from West Moreton Anglican College and find out about her current projects, her thoughts on this year’s National Reconciliation Week theme and on “Being Together: Embracing Joy”, her go-to karaoke song and what she would write on a billboard


The Southport School Indigenous Program

A recent Australian Catholic University study shows that The Southport School’s innovative Indigenous Program is delivering across the board – notably the percentage of TSS First Nations students aspiring to go to university is higher than the national average. Twenty-nine First Nations students currently attend TSS, and twice a week they meet together to explore their cultures, including via storytelling in the school’s outdoor yarning circle


Holmes is where the heart is

“I’ve been a part of many teams in my life, but the one I am most proud of is my family…I do give a big credit to carers out there, big credit to those guys,” says North Queensland Cowboys rising rugby league player Valentine Holmes, as Anglicare partners with the NRL for the second consecutive year


Aboriginal art practices, stories and symbols

“Symbols in Aboriginal art are used as a means of communication for people, and for documenting histories, Country boundaries, ceremonies and food sources,” says Anglicare Cultural Support Worker and Kuku Yalanji artist Lalania Tusa, while inviting readers to join her in a dot painting workshop at a festival at St Francis College in October