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Rector, East Redland Anglican Church; Area Dean, Deanery of Moreton; Chaplain, RAAFSR

The Rev'd Cameron Freese

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The Rev’d Cameron Freese is the Rector of East Redland Anglican Church; Area Dean, Deanery of Moreton; and, Chaplain, RAAFSR. He has a B.App.Sc (Microbiology/Biochemistry) from QUT and a M.Div from SCD.


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"As Christians we need to be discerning and mindful so as to continuously build our lives on the firm foundation of Christ," (Tisa Lacey from St Andrew's, Springfield)

What is your favourite Gospel of Matthew passage and why? | Tisa Lacey, Cameron Freese, Kate Ross and Gary Tognola

Four members of our Diocesan community tell us about their favourite passage from the Gospel of Matthew, including Tisa Lacey, The Rev’d Cameron Freese, The Rev’d Kate Ross and The Rev’d Gary Tognola


Why I am voting "yes" in the referendum: The Rev’d Cameron Freese

“The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples I know are pragmatic, so it makes sense that they wish to be recognised in the Constitution through an advisory body — a Voice. The Voice’s design principles show that the non-binding independent advice will come from the grassroots enabling Parliament and Government to function more effectively. In my book, that can only be a good thing,” says The Rev’d Cameron Freese


Lessons in collaboration from a vintage cartoon

“Ultimately Justice League is a story about finding collective strength through helping others and receiving help from others. The specific, often curious, vulnerabilities of the Super Friends characters show that we all need help sometimes,” says The Rev’d Cameron Freese from East Redland Anglicans