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Beneath the Southern Cross

Check out this gentle, yet powerful, song written and recorded by Peter Branjerdporn about Constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through a Voice

“It was only once I started listening to the stories First Nations people tell about their sense of connection to the land that I developed the language to express what was happening to me as I topped the hills of Koorainghat,” (The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt)
Justice & Advocacy

''Mother Earth''

“I will be giving thanks for the gift that First Nations knowledge has given me by helping me to understand the sense of connection I have to the place in which I was born and lived the first third of my life,” says The Very Rev’d Dr Peter Catt

Homilies & Addresses

The Voice: from the grassroots and the seashores

“God blesses us through the ocean as the waves and the current go in and out. The ocean is sacred to us. As part of my baptism as a baby, my mum removed my clothing and nappy and held me up in the sea breeze to be sprayed — to first be blessed — by the ocean. She then took me to the church for the service,” says Torres Strait Islander Elder Aunty Dr Rose Elu


Pilgrimage to the Waddananggu community

“I am very grateful to the Waddananggu community for welcoming me. It was such a privilege to be so welcomed to their Country and to learn about their culture and history. I felt empowered and humbled by their welcome. The Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners make everyone an ‘us’ – they are inclusive of all even though they have been ‘othered’ since colonisation,” says Cathedral parishioner Angie Mooney