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Lego devotional guide: new build for every week


Find out about the fun and innovative new Gospel of Luke Lego devotional guide produced by Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba and download the free PDF resources

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The coming of the Kingdom of God is glorious good news!

In chapter 17 of Luke, as Jesus turns towards Jerusalem with a trajectory of the cross, he’s asked when will the long-awaited reign of God – the Kingdom of God – arrive?

How will they possibly know?

How can they make sure they don’t miss it?!

Yet ironically, as they ask the question, they fail to see that not only is God’s King standing right before them, but Jesus has been demonstrating God’s Kingdom everywhere he goes.

In Jesus, God’s Kingdom has burst into the world, is proven victorious through the cross, and will reach its culmination when Jesus returns to reign forever.

In this 12-week series, we’ll explore the nature of God’s Kingdom, the King at the centre of it, how we can be part of it, and the role that we have to play as we await his return.

Theodore, Amelia and Giovanna Lowe at home learning about God’s Kingdom with the new St Bart’s Lego devotional guide in February 2021

Series resources:

First published on the St Bart’s, Toowoomba website on 30 January 2021.

Additional resources added on 19 February 2021:

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