The Rev'd Adam Lowe

Senior Minister, St Bart’s Anglican Church, Toowoomba

The Rev'd Adam Lowe

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Adam Lowe is the Senior Minister at St Bart’s Anglican Church, Toowoomba. He has a Bachelor of Behaviour Science (Griffith University), Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (Griffith University), Masters of Organisational Psychology (Griffith University), Bachelor of Theology (CSU) and a MA Theology & Religion (Durham, UK).

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Reflections Reflections

Creating short videos that gather, grow and give

“Each week we create and distribute three short and engaging videos, with the aim of communicating key information and providing a sense of continuity whilst we are unable to gather face to face,” say The Rev’d Adam Lowe and The Rev’d Michael Calder from Resource Church St Bart’s, Toowoomba, who offer valuable video filming, editing and distribution tips