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3 March 2017, Thaba Bosiu, Lesotho: Farmer David Moshoeshoe is 33 years old. He lives on the hillside of Thaba Bosiu, 'Night Mountain' in Thaba Bosiu, Lesotho, where he grows vegetables, mainly cabbage and spinach. Here, he tends to cabbages that are one-month old. They are ready to be harvested after a total of three months. Thaba Bosiu is a sandstone plateau some 24 kilometres east of Lesotho’s capital, Maseru. The name means 'Night Mountain', and surrounding the plateau is a small village and open plains. Thaba Bosiu was once the capital of Lesotho, and the mountain was the stronghold of the Basotho king when the kingdom of Lesotho was formed (Image courtesy WCC)

Amid COVID-19, African church leaders say availing quality seeds to farmers can help beat food insecurity

As African nations begin opening after months of coronavirus closures, church officials and agricultural experts are stressing an immediate supply of quality seeds to farmers to help tackle a predicted food crisis